Split View

A custom view configuration of KDevelop with two horizontally split editor views and an output view to the right.

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Minimal GUI

This screenshot by Konversation developer Eike Hein shows how configurable the KDevelop UI is. He adapted it to his liking by removing the menu- and toolbar as well as all toolviews on the right. The quick open and outline widgets are moved to the bottom.

The editor shows a python script being edited with semantic highlighting added thanks to the Python language plugin. The scrollbar shows a minimap of the file, a feature which can be enabled in the editor settings.

See also: https://blogs.kde.org/2013/09/17/tuning-kdevelops-ui-layout

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Unigine Development

User Danni Coy writes in our forum:

"KDevelop being used to create an application using Unigine game engine.

I am not using C++ here but a language called Uniginescript which is syntactically close enough to C++ that KDevelop works for it. The missing objects are built-in to this specific language.

I have created a header file with these built-ins which uses #ifdef IN_IDE_PARSER to stop it from loading when the game engine loads [...]"

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