Leandro Santiago mentions in the forum:

"My favorite feature in kdevelop is the quickopen form. It saves me lots of time :-)

Another feature I love is the colorful syntax highlight. It's an incentive to write beautiful code :-)"

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Integrated Doxygen

Kenneth Perry writes in the forum:

"Definitely for me, the biggest features are the CMake and Doxygen support : both of which I use heavily. Makes me feel the time spent documenting everything was worth it ;). That, and the ability to jump quickly to a function's declaration or definition from the exact same popup."

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dark color scheme II

User Matthew McKeen writes:

"Love the VI input mode! Great static code analysis and C++ support. Much thanks for basic Makefile support as well."

Also visible: class browser

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dark color scheme

User peterix writes:

"The best code highlighting in an IDE, ever (At least IMHO). And it even tweaks the colors to match the current KDE color scheme :)"

Also visible: integrated search & replace functionality

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C++ implementation helper

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C++ assistant

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C++ Code Tooltip

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C++ create class wizard

Here you can see the "create class" wizard in action. The page shown offers you a list of overloadable functions from the parent classes.

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C++ signature assistant

When you change a signature in either the declaration or definition of a function, KDevelop will show an assistant at the bottom of the editor. Pressing the button or hitting "ALT + [NUM]" triggers the assistant and it will update the signature in the other location automatically.

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C++ full completion

This image shows a full completion list in a C++ document.

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