KDevelop 4.6.0 Final Released

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.6.0! It adds more than a thousand commits worth of
bug fixes, performance improvements and new features.

KDevelop aims to create an IDE which doesn't get into your way and nevertheless provides a powerful
and versatile set of tools for software development. Support for C++ and CMake are KDevelop's most prominent
and widely used features, but the 4.6.0 release -- among other things -- also continues to improve
the language support for PHP and Python.

KDevelop 4.6.0 RC 1 Released

Hello all!

After two more weeks of stabilizing KDevelop, we are happy to announce the availability of KDevelop 4.6.0 RC 1! If no blockers are found, this will lead to the release of 4.6.0 final in two more weeks.

KDevelop 4.6 Beta 1 Available

The KDevelop team is pleased to announce the availability of the first beta release of KDevelop 4.6! This is a testing release and we would be happy about any feedback from early adopters. Please report any issues you find at http://bugs.kde.org.

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