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"Love the VI input mode! Great static code analysis and C++ support. Much thanks for basic Makefile support as well."

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Basically you go to the KDE

Basically you go to the KDE color palette settings in `systemsettings`, and pick e.g. `Obsidian Coast` or `Breeze Dark` there. Then, in KDevelop, you go to the editor settings and create a new color scheme. It will then use the system palette and thus be dark by default.

Hope that helps!

IMHO you should install

IMHO you should install KUbuntu for having the same as in the image. I had the problem of only the editor has the dark colors, but when I have installed KUbuntu, then it has all changed.

how to get it.

how to get it.

I have same question.

I have same question. probably you can only look at it here ;)

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