Newsforge (a part of sourceforge) declared KDevelop a
free Software's killer application (Dec/2002):

"There is no denying that this is a top quality app. Recent versions support the new KDE3 and the developers do a great job of keeping abreast with KDE development. There's plenty of scope for using this program from beginners to hardcore developer. It has something for just about anyone except the most demanding of users, and when this functionality all comes for free it's really very difficult to complain"
more...(PDF format) (June/2001):

"KDevelop encompasses a number of other features that we had originally expected to find in most of the IDEs we tested, but did not","It is truly stunning as both an exemplary piece of open source software and an IDE with an amazing number of bells, whistles, and other pretty neat features"
more... (Dec/1999):

"The fact is, this software will boost development of KDE applications to another level of magnitude because it makes it so easy to write good KDE applications" ... "I strongly advise [readers] to check it out."

Linuxworld (Nov/1999):

"I must admit, I'm impressed with the level of quality throughout. " ... " One thing is certain: I'm going to be using KDevelop to whip up my first GUI apps in Linux." more...

Visual Developer (Nov/1999):

"It'll change the way you program under Linux for good. " ... " You can use it to edit, manage projects, read documentation, debug, design GUIs, access source control, and view class relationships all in one application..."

KDevelop Team Interviews, Amilcar do Carmo Lucas (June/2008)

Interview with Amilcar, KDevelop's packager and webmaster

about how KDevelop uses the

openSUSE buildservice


package KDevelop for many distributions
since KDevelop 3.4.0., Philippe Fremy (Aug/2002):