KDevelop 5.2.4 released

As the last stabilization and bugfix release in the 5.2 series, we today make KDevelop 5.2.4 available for download. This release contains a few bug fixes and a bit of polishing, as well as translation updates, and should be a very simple transition for anyone using 5.2.x currently.

Notable changes: 

  • Fix resizing of variable tooltip (D14879)
  • Fix various problems with filters in the output view (bug 343124)
  • Fix a crash which could happen when using the class browser in debug builds with Qt >= 5.11 (D14840)
  • Only show cppcheck menu for cpp files (D14525)
  • PHP support: determine correct type for relational and equality expressions (bug 305341)
  • PHP support: fix a bug with rescheduling jobs (D14113)

KDevelop 5.2.4 can as usual be downloaded from our Downloads page. In addition to the source code, we also provide 32- and 64-bit Windows installers, as well as pre-built binaries for 64-bit Linux as an AppImage.

After closing out the 5.2 series, we also plan to release KDevelop 5.3 soon with lots of improvements.