KDevelop 5.2.4 released

As the last stabilization and bugfix release in the 5.2 series, we today make KDevelop 5.2.4 available for download. This release contains a few bug fixes and a bit of polishing, as well as translation updates, and should be a very simple transition for anyone using 5.2.x currently.

Notable changes: 

  • Fix resizing of variable tooltip (D14879)
  • Fix various problems with filters in the output view (bug 343124)
  • Fix a crash which could happen when using the class browser in debug builds with Qt >= 5.11 (D14840)
  • Only show cppcheck menu for cpp files (D14525)
  • PHP support: determine correct type for relational and equality expressions (bug 305341)
  • PHP support: fix a bug with rescheduling jobs (D14113)

KDevelop 5.2.4 can as usual be downloaded from our Downloads page. In addition to the source code, we also provide 32- and 64-bit Windows installers, as well as pre-built binaries for 64-bit Linux as an AppImage.

After closing out the 5.2 series, we also plan to release KDevelop 5.3 soon with lots of improvements.



Setting up on KDevelop is a huge pain due to not providing a compiler. It would be very nice if a how-to existed. It could describe step by step what a windows user needs in order to load, parse, compile and distribute successfully a simple c++ project and it's binary.

The 64-bit program size on Windows has changed from ~415MB to ~707MB between versions 5.2.0 and 5.2.4. There is also a substantial difference in terms of the installer files (111MB vs 144MB).

Is this intended? It was my understanding that 5.2.4 is essentially 5.2.0 + bugfixes, so where does the (extreme) size difference come from?


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Hey Daniel,

unfortunately building + packaging KDevelop on Windows is a bit involved, and since we're using KDE's Craft (https://community.kde.org/Craft) to do all that for us, some behavior regarding filtering/stripping archives before packing might change from time to time.

We'll have to manually go through to the list of installed files again and check what can be removed.

Could you report a bug on bugs.kde.org?