KDevelop 4.2.3 Released

After two eventful months the KDevelop team is happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.2.3. This is a stable release which fixes dozens of bugs, hence we urge every user to upgrade to this new release. Distributions are notified and will provide updated packages shortly.

As always many thanks to all the contributors who made this release possible.


The source code for KDevplatform 1.2.3, KDevelop 4.2.3 and PHP(-Docs) 1.2.3 is uploaded to the KDE FTP mirrors. To download, pick a mirror near you: download KDevelop 4.2.3


ChangeLog for KDevplatform v1.2.3

  • Olivier JG: Make declarations from macros get appended instead of prepended.
  • Milian Wolff: make sure we don't crash on (broken?) declarations without internal context in create class wizard
  • Eike Hein: Fix black scrollbars in context browser views.
  • Niko Sams: step into/over instruction did the wrong thing
  • Nicolás Alvarez: Fix more clang build errors.
  • Nicolás Alvarez: In AppendedList, qualify call to KDevVarLengthArray::append with 'this'.
  • Christoph Thielecke: calling PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER is not nessary because pthread_mutex_init() does the work, also it causes compile error on some systems
  • Milian Wolff: try to protect against crash triggered by nested event loops and failing svn jobs
  • Milian Wolff: fix: left-hand operand of comma has no effect
  • Milian Wolff: remove IRequired=IStatus from grepview

ChangeLog for KDevelop v4.2.3

  • Olivier JG: Add testMacroDeclarationOrder to test_cppcodegen.
  • Gerhard Stengel: Make manpage plugin translateable, backport from master
  • Aleix Pol: Don't clean the build directory if it's a source dir.
  • Aleix Pol: Small code cleanup
  • Aleix Pol: Make get_filename_component(PATH) return a path relative to the current directory like cmake does.
  • Aleix Pol: little tweaking to simplify some unit test.
  • Aleix Pol: Simplify cmake reloading logic. Add more assertions, should make it easier if there's anything crashing. I used kde-runtime to debug it and it didn't crash once after the changes.
  • Aleix Pol: Simplify the code that calls the file(GLOB*) commands.
  • Milian Wolff: fix crash in ADL helper
  • Aleix Pol: Properly support foreach IN LISTS and IN ITEMS.

ChangeLog for KDevelop-PHP v1.2.3

  • Milian Wolff: remove custom target to track dependency on generated parser files
  • Milian Wolff: properly support namespaced static variables
  • Milian Wolff: backport from master: try unfiltered lookup as fallback when looking for structure type declaration
  • Milian Wolff: backport from master: add unit test for bug, happens due to imported parent context getting removed when recompiling


I've used KDevelop as primary IDE for C++ since KDE 3. There are only some minor things you could change:
- improve background parsing (C++ logic) just try boost::multiindex which heavily uses meta programming and sometimes declarations which do have the same identifier but are in different scopes aren't resolved correctly
- maybe improve design of declaration/identifier context tooltips (you could auto parse doxygen tags like \ref, \class and HTML).

Thanks to all developers for such a great and Open Source IDE!


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Seems some syntax highlighting issues are still not addressed. Since I went mildly insane trying to change the color scheme into something more sensible for my eyes and failed, I cannot afford to not use kdevelop until that is fixed.


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I've been looking for any info how to disable rainbow coloring and change it for something more customizable without a success. Fortunately, kdevelop is an open source software so you can tweak it if you are familiar a bit with c++ language.
So, I have hardcoded the colors changing just one file: kdevplatform/language/highlighting/configurablecolors.cpp and recompiling the project.

If you want to do the same I cane give you my patch

-Roman (kromek [monkey] gmail.com)

kdevelop is just getting better and better. It's an amazing piece of software, and helps me code much faster -- it even helps me learn library APIs through its suggestions. Thanks for this great software!

KDevelop 4 is an awesome IDE.

However I am currently using 4.2.2 which has some performance issues running on Debian Lenny + Intel Pentium D Dual Core + 1GB RAM. For some reason 4.2.2 seems to doing a lot of disk i/o and RAM usage which I monitored using iotop/top and the machine frequently becomes slow when KDevelop is running.

I hope later versions of KDevelop will fix this.


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hey there,

please report bug reports to bugs.kde.org and provide an example project that exhibits this behavior. Or well, any kind of information besides "it's not working" so we can try to fix this.

42 megs per project in ~/.kdevelopuchain is freaking absurd.

I monkeyed with kdev3 with a launcher that could compile hello world using an already existing makefile. I loved the shortcut keys for build and clean. The grepper was outstanding.

Even in that one, though, if I stuck with the presets it would generate a 750K application for "hello world" that would redundantly "configure" on my system which I'd been using for years. It's already pretty well configged.

You are not likely to foster many new developers if they can't get a decent IDE for simple C apps.

Still no macro keys, and you lost the cool regex plugin.

It's a bitter tradeoff, folks.