About KDevelop

KDevelop is a free software integrated development environment (IDE) developed under the KDE Umbrella. KDevelop provides support for a wide variety of languages (such as C/C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, ...) via an extensible plugin framework.

KDevelop is mostly developed by volunteers, who contribute to the project in their spare time. Please consider a donation if KDevelop is useful for you.

The Team

Core Developers

Kevin Funk
Co-maintainer; C++/Clang, General Improvements, QA, Windows Support, Performance, Website, ...
Sven Brauch
Co-Maintainer; Python Support, User Interface improvements
Milian Wolff
Generic manager, Webdevelopment Plugins, Snippets, Bugfixing, Performance, ...
Aleix Pol Gonzalez
CMake Support, Run Support, Kross Support, Git Support, ...

Active Contributors

David Nolden
Definition-Use Chain, C++ Support, Code Navigation, Code Completion, Coding Assistance, Refactoring, ...
Olivier JG
Various Bugfixes, Polishing, Bug Triaging, Rename Assistant, ...

Special Thanks to

Special thanks go to the KWrite authors for providing a rock solid and well-maintained text editor component!

Program and Documentation Translations

Please look at the Internationalization site or visit the GUI translation status page or visit the User Manual translation status page.

Inactive Core Developers

Dmitry Risenberg
Various Bugfixes, C++ Language Support improvements, Problem Reporter toolview rewrite, ...
Niko Sams
GDB integration, Webdevelopment Plugins (esp. PHP)
Andreas Pakulat
Maintainer, Architecture, VCS Support, Project Management Support, QMake Projectmanager, ...
Alexander Dymo
Architecture, Sublime UI, Ruby support
Vladimir Prus
GDB integration
Hamish Rodda
Text editor integration, definition-use chain
Amilcar do Carmo Lucas
Website admin, API documentation, Doxygen and autoproject patches
Matt Rogers
Cédric Pasteur
astyle and indent support
Evgeniy Ivanov
Distributed VCS, Git, Mercurial
Robert Gruber
SnippetPart, debugger and usability patches
Dukju Ahn
Subversion plugin, Custom Make Manager, Overall improvements
Harald Fernengel
Ported to Qt 4, patches, valgrind, diff and perforce support
Roberto Raggi
C++ parser