KDevelop 4.7.2 Released

Hey all,

I'm happy to announce the availability of KDevelop 4.7.2. This is a bug fix
release increasing the stability of our KDE 4 based branch. Please update to
this version if you are currently using 4.7.1 or older.

Download from:

SHA sums:

SHA256Sum: 5801a38a9abfebead18b74c0a0f5a6d68118b297c96ef1e2f75c8bfae3463b19
SHA256Sum: 2dff2f54f631296c87007be84a0dc439d328d473717577c0d1450a9fc7e6e828
SHA256Sum: 75de9a5afe32ecaa35eb14e1ae04dd9c6d3e9abf87274ca4537fbdc3b296a369
SHA256Sum: 0afcde7a746adb83b00f2bd6b02efb4022adbd61b6ba4325fb63b71902f1f4e4
SHA256Sum: 58dfaaae929da77b0c9656fdfad1f8a509059feffdb71c943a721f40034dd9bf
SHA256Sum: 949254984bd489cd5597d4c4986057c43b60febde329f6f9d1b42228aef9444d

Changes in this release:

ChangeLog for kdevplatform v1.7.2

* Felix Mauch: Added  and  as placeholders in license templates.
* Zhang HuiJie: ensure topData->m_importers/topData->m_importedContexts is not 
nullptr, this fix crash while finding usage of var/function/class.
* Alexander Potashev: filetemplates: Automatically create directory for 
license templates
* Kevin Funk: Make compile (cf. BOOST_JOIN)
* Kevin Funk: patchreview: Fix invalid read
* Alex Merry: Make subversion plugin compile with subversion 1.9.
* Andreas Pakulat: Do not report subversion as being not found when it 
actually was
* Aleix Pol: Manners++

ChangeLog for kdevelop v4.7.2

* Zhang HuiJie: oldcpp::CppDUContext: use max instantiate depth to avoid 
circular loop.
* Jingqiang Zhang: Fix one more use of function return refer to temp variable.
* Zhang HuiJie: oldcpp: check if the macro is defined in the current file 
after the current line.
* Zhang HuiJie: oldcpp: CodeCompletionContext::addOverridableItems(): limite 
max search depth to 5000
* Milian Wolff: Unbreak build - sorry for that.
* Fernando Rodriguez: Fix interrupt of debuggee in remote debugging sessions.
* Zhang HuiJie: Set maximum number of recursive calls for getMemberFunctions 
to 50.
* Fernando Rodriguez: Set the replyReceived flag only if the current command 
is exec-run.
* Sébastien Lambert: Do not use function returning reference to temporary.
* Zhang HuiJie: rpp: test for mispaired brackets
* Zhang HuiJie: Handle defined in preprocessor.
* Zhang HuiJie: Handle macro aliases of function like macros in navigation 
* Zhang HuiJie: Add __restrict__ to be more compatible with g++

ChangeLog for kdev-python v1.7.2-py3

* Sven Brauch: remove raw linker flag
* Sven Brauch: change version back to 1.7.1 temporarily to test CI
* Sven Brauch: debugger: do not crash when launching current document and 
there is none
* Sven Brauch: debugger: correctly launch program with "launch current file" 
* Sven Brauch: backport: fix crash: use a locker on the project paths
* Sven Brauch: add missing quotes in cmake
* Sven Brauch: require correct version of python
* Sven Brauch: properly handle multi-line attributes
* Sven Brauch: New method to find the correct attribute ranges
* Sven Brauch: somewhat working version, but still failing tests
* Sven Brauch: fix a few more corner cases of what was broken by python 3.4.3
* Sven Brauch: Port to Python 3.4.3. Work in progress, not everything is ok 
* René J.V. Bertin: Improved Python macros for CMake
* René J.V. Bertin: use kDebug() instead of qDebug()
* Sven Brauch: hard requirement on python 3.4.3 for this version
* Sven Brauch: Work around new behaviour in Python 3.4.3.
* Sven Brauch: find project search paths in parsejob, not in a background 
* Vladimir Berezenko: Fix for introspection script to enable possibility of 
introspecting in-project packages

ChangeLog for kdev-python v1.7.2

* Vladimir Berezenko: Fix for introspection script to enable possibility of 
introspecting in-project packages

Many thanks to everyone involved! Stay tuned for the upcoming first beta
release of KDevelop 5.



super excited to help test out version 5 when it comes out.

are there any plans in the future to add gui diffs to kdevelop like they have in eclipse?


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

It looks like displaying of whitespaces is not yet supported in the editor, which is why I am not going to use KDevelop. All good IDEs support this feature. But developers of KDevelop for some reason decided that only indents and trailing spaces need to be viasualized. Ridiculous.
Another annoying feature that cannot be turned off is drag-and-drop editing with the mouse. Again, all good IDEs, MS Visual Studio among them, allow turning it off.


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What do you mean by "drag-and-drop" editing, and what do you want to disable there? In general, please report issues on bugs.kde.org, not here on the website.

Regarding the whitespaces in the middle of the line: That would be quite simple to add, if this is crucial for your workflow, consider adding a patch for it to KTextEditor, the editor part we integrate in KDevelop. If you need guidance, please get in touch with us e.g. on IRC #kate@freenode, or via the mailing list you can reach at kwrite-devel@kde.org



when trying to compile kdevplatform-1.7.2, cmake returns
-- The following OPTIONAL packages could NOT be located on your system.
-- Consider installing them to enable more features from this software.
* Subversion (1.3.0 or higher)
Support for Subversion integration
The subversion libraries are needed for the Subversion support

I just doublechecked and downloaded kdevplatform-1.7.1. There cmake does not return this problem. So my question is what additional packages are needed on Kubuntu for 4.7.2 which are not needed for 4.7.1?

While editing the code sometime it stucks with cpu at 100%