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This page aggregates the blog contents of people working on the KDevelop IDE.

David Nolden | Thu, 2008/12/18 - 06:12

Templates are one of the extremely powerful features of C++ that set it apart from most other languages. You can do most everything with them, from extremly complicated compile-time meta-programming like binary self-balanced trees, down to simple shared pointers or generic container classes. When I switched to Linux a few years ago, I found KDevelop3 […]

David Nolden | Wed, 2008/12/10 - 08:55

A really good C++ IDE should make a tool like Doxygen unnecessary. The IDE should know all the relevant information and can present it to the user precisely where needed.

David Nolden | Thu, 2008/11/27 - 03:27

It’s quite a while since my last blog now. I’m still planning to present all the essential C++ support features in KDevelop4, but my plan is to polish each feature up a bit before I actually blog about it. This also serves as a nice motivation. 🙂 In the last weeks, I have mainly worked […]

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