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David Nolden | Fri, 2009/03/06 - 15:28

Sometimes you have to decide between being “correct”, and being user-friendly. Also, sometimes you have to do one painful change with many regressions, to reach an ultimately better state. I hope I had to do the last such step before the stable KDevelop release(Though you never know). I have changed the internal representation of the […]

David Nolden | Fri, 2009/02/13 - 23:52

In an earlier blog-post I’ve already written about automatic signal/slot matching and completion(See this). The code-completion box shows you the appropriate connectable signals and slots, and also shows exactly what signals match what slots. Now what if you have a signal, and you know want to connect to it, but you don’t have a matching […]

David Nolden | Wed, 2009/02/04 - 02:09

Missing Include Completion C++ is a great and powerful programming-language. Yet it has the downside against some other languages, that you always have to deal with include-directives or forward-declarations before you can use a class. This is a factor that often motivates me not to create too many different source-files, although design-wise that would make […]

David Nolden | Thu, 2009/01/08 - 04:19

Most of us developers are so acccustomed to syntax highlighting, that we couldn't live without it. Syntax highlighting helps us keeping an overview or finding the place we're searching for. However it can not help us actually understanding the code. That's where Semantic Highlighting comes into play.

David Nolden | Thu, 2008/12/18 - 06:12

Templates are one of the extremely powerful features of C++ that set it apart from most other languages. You can do most everything with them, from extremly complicated compile-time meta-programming like binary self-balanced trees, down to simple shared pointers or generic container classes. When I switched to Linux a few years ago, I found KDevelop3 […]

David Nolden | Wed, 2008/12/10 - 08:55

A really good C++ IDE should make a tool like Doxygen unnecessary. The IDE should know all the relevant information and can present it to the user precisely where needed.

David Nolden | Thu, 2008/11/27 - 03:27

It’s quite a while since my last blog now. I’m still planning to present all the essential C++ support features in KDevelop4, but my plan is to polish each feature up a bit before I actually blog about it. This also serves as a nice motivation. 🙂 In the last weeks, I have mainly worked […]

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