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Andreas Pakulat | Thu, 2010/05/13 - 19:46

Yeah, thats right, I just replaced the original repo content on via a forced-push with a newly generated repo. This was necessary as I missed a conversion-error from the svn2git rules earlier which screwed up the checked-out content of the repository. I’ve decided to do a forced push instead of trying to fix up […]

Andreas Pakulat | Wed, 2010/05/05 - 20:22

Wow, I haven’t blogged this much in quite a while… This will be a relatively short announcement that kdevelop, kdevplatform, quanta and the two php plugins have been moved to This will allow us to work on features more easily and hopefully also help us get the next release finished before another 2 years […]

Andreas Pakulat | Sat, 2010/05/01 - 15:30

Those reading the dot regularly will already know it, the final release of KDevelop 4.0 is out. For more extensive information what it includes I suggest you read the dot story. It only took us 3 years to get there and I think what we’ve accomplished is quite amazing. And its just the beginning, we […]

Andreas Pakulat | Mon, 2010/04/26 - 22:48

Google just announced the official and final list of accepted students for the SoC program. KDE got more accepted students this year than past, so its a big success for us all. This will hopefully again be a successful SoC season for KDE, bringing new contributors and implementing lots of cool ideas. The KDevelop team […]

Andreas Pakulat | Sun, 2010/04/25 - 21:18

This blog entry is a supplemental to the KDevelop 4.0 release announcement to show off the new stable release with some nice screenshots. So enjoy 🙂 KDevelop after starting and opening a project and file Quick Outline of the current file PHP Quick Outline Quick Open in PHP project As-You-Type Code Completion More Verbose manual […]

Andreas Pakulat | Fri, 2010/04/16 - 20:50

This time around svn got me, I’ve used the createtarball script from kdesdk to generate the RC2 tarballs so we ship translations. This worked just fine, except that for some unknown reason svn likes to not check out svn:externals when doing an svn co of kdevplatform. This resulted in a kdevplatform tarball (yes I didn’t […]

Niko Sams | Sat, 2010/02/20 - 14:22
Niko Sams | Tue, 2010/02/16 - 19:01
Friedrich W. H. Kossebau | Tue, 2010/02/16 - 19:26

While there already is a KPart from the hex editor Okteta, which can be embedded e.g. into Konqueror, but also KDevelop, it is only used Read-Only. More, the KPart system does not enable mulitple views on the same document, so in KDevelop having two views opened for a file, like with a splitted view area, … Continue reading Okteta going for KDevelop (and Kate?)

Niko Sams | Sat, 2010/02/13 - 21:18
Niko Sams | Sun, 2010/02/07 - 15:35
Friedrich W. H. Kossebau | Wed, 2009/07/29 - 22:32

Some days ago I wrote a mini-tutorial how to use the Okteta KPart in Konqueror/KDevelop. With the mind turned to the Okteta KPart I after that have taken on a long waiting task and removed some code duplication by porting it to the Kasten classes, now that these are available in shared libs. Which means, … Continue reading Binspekt KPart for reuse in KDevelop

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau | Fri, 2009/07/24 - 15:28

Want to quickly see the raw data of files in Konqueror or KDevelop? This is possible with the KPart coming with Okteta since KDE 4.1: Preparations Open “System Settings”, then select “File Associations” (Found under “Advanced”). Select the file type (e.g. “audio/x-wav”) you want to see the raw data of, choose the tab “Embedding”. Within … Continue reading Minitutorial: Viewing raw data of files in Konqueror/KDevelop

David Nolden | Sun, 2009/06/21 - 23:58

General Progress A lot is happening in KDevelop4 these days. Now it’s nearly already 2 Months ago that we had our developer meeting in Ukraine. We had a lot of fun, although for me the trip started two days late. I didn’t get my passport in time, damn. But once there, I got quite productive. […]

David Nolden | Fri, 2009/03/13 - 21:52

Code Assistants When developing for a statically typed language like C++, there usually is quite a bit of redundancy during the development, especially when creating a completely new piece of code. A powerful IDE with deep code understandic theoretically could save a significant amount of the writing work. My goal with KDevelop4 is to allow […]

David Nolden | Fri, 2009/03/06 - 15:28

Sometimes you have to decide between being “correct”, and being user-friendly. Also, sometimes you have to do one painful change with many regressions, to reach an ultimately better state. I hope I had to do the last such step before the stable KDevelop release(Though you never know). I have changed the internal representation of the […]

David Nolden | Fri, 2009/02/13 - 23:52

In an earlier blog-post I’ve already written about automatic signal/slot matching and completion(See this). The code-completion box shows you the appropriate connectable signals and slots, and also shows exactly what signals match what slots. Now what if you have a signal, and you know want to connect to it, but you don’t have a matching […]

David Nolden | Wed, 2009/02/04 - 02:09

Missing Include Completion C++ is a great and powerful programming-language. Yet it has the downside against some other languages, that you always have to deal with include-directives or forward-declarations before you can use a class. This is a factor that often motivates me not to create too many different source-files, although design-wise that would make […]

David Nolden | Thu, 2009/01/08 - 04:19

Most of us developers are so acccustomed to syntax highlighting, that we couldn't live without it. Syntax highlighting helps us keeping an overview or finding the place we're searching for. However it can not help us actually understanding the code. That's where Semantic Highlighting comes into play.

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