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Mihail Ivchenko (GSoC student) | Wed, 2014/01/01 - 17:01
Milian Wolff | Mon, 2013/12/09 - 19:30

Holy moly yet another KDevelop release - but this time a big one! Go and get 4.6.0 while it’s fresh and read the full announcement on the KDevelop website:

Milian Wolff | Tue, 2013/11/19 - 16:07

Hey all,

since some people asked me: The slides to my extended Apps on Speed talk from this year’s Qt DevDays Berlin are available for download. If you are interested, get them here:…

I hope you liked that talk. I certainly had fun presenting it and discussing the contents with various attendees later on. I have now quite some ideas on how to extend the talk even further.

The slides of the other presentations are also available. Stay tuned for the video recordings of DevDays Berlin, I’m sure they will be accessible soonish :)

Edit: The video is now available! Enjoy

Aleix Pol | Wed, 2013/06/26 - 18:59

Usually I don’t blog because there’s not much going on. Lately it’s been because there’s been too much things going on. As always in communities, it’s not something somebody is doing in his corner, but some synergy coming together in a beautiful and convoluted way. Let me try to sort what I’m talking about. The […]

Sven Brauch | Fri, 2013/05/03 - 11:41

Hi! I’m happy to announce the the availability of version 1.5 of kdev-python, the Python language support plugin for the KDevelop development environment. For the official (short) announcement containing links to the tarballs, see the announcement on the KDevelop website. Here’s a short video which demonstrates some of kdev-python’s (and KDevelop’s) nice features: (if your network connection allows it, you can also watch the full-resolution version — or here’s a […]

Sven Brauch | Wed, 2013/04/03 - 23:22

I had a bit of spare time, so I decided I’d try to implement collaborative editing in KTextEditor, and see how far I can get in a week. That week is over now — and this is how far I got: Your browser does not support the video tag. (If your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video, here’s a direct link) Technical implementation In the background, all this is based on […]

Sven Brauch | Sun, 2013/03/24 - 01:11

Before everything else, I want to send a big “thank you” to our hard-working sysadmins who spent so much time and effort recently on fixing the git servers! It’s working nicely again. Other than that, there’s various news in kdevelop-land: kdev-python now has a branch which builds against upstream python 3.4 (which is not released yet), there’s a few fancy new features in kdev-qmljs (QML / javascript language support for […]

Aleix Pol | Mon, 2012/09/10 - 21:14

As we announced recently, we’ve kept working on the stable version of KDevelop to bring you the polished software you’re looking for. Many bugs have been fixed during the last weeks, I think we can safely say that it has improved since the last beta and of course, KDevelop 4.3. If you want to try […]

Andreas Pakulat | Fri, 2012/07/20 - 23:37

I’ve just released the KDevelop Custom Buildsystem version 1.2.2 suitable for usage with KDevelop 4.4/KDevPlatform 1.4. There have not been many changes, mostly just adaptions to KDevPlatform API changes. The only real new feature is the ability to filter our version control directories like .git or .svn. Downloads can be found on the KDE download […]

Aleix Pol | Fri, 2012/04/27 - 03:28

Sometimes it’s hard to get started using a tool, some people call it white page syndrome, in KDevelop we had the gray page syndrome: I guess you see what I mean. To solve this problem we discussed many times about creating some way to Kickstart a KDevelop session properly, this is what I came up […]

Aleix Pol | Mon, 2012/01/16 - 22:22

Hi! It’s been probably too much time since we announced a KDevelop version for the last time, but hey! Here we are, as alive as ever! 🙂 Actually it hasn’t been a quiet year, there’s been quite a lot of development going on, specially with regard to stabilization, improved integration facilities and, of course, Milian’s […]

Aleix Pol | Tue, 2011/08/23 - 02:05

Hi fellow KDE! Today I would like to talk a little about some work I’ve been doing recently in KDevelop in order to assure we have a good path for the new KDevelop user and KDE or free software Developer. I think that KDevelop has been quite good at being adopted by people who know […]

Niko Sams | Thu, 2011/06/09 - 20:28
Aleix Pol | Mon, 2011/06/06 - 21:19

Every project has these things nobody looks into, like these corners nobody clean. For some reason today we realized that we ¿still? have, in our repository, some files like this. Here there’s a good quote: – KDE 2 is not supported, neither Qt 2.0. KDE 2 is in development and KDevelop will be ported after […]

Aleix Pol | Sat, 2011/06/04 - 15:29

As some of you will know, these days the KDevelop team is staying in Switzerland with a bunch of KDE developers where we’re having some sprints, for me it’s KDevelop sprint mostly although I’ve had very different and interesting conversations for the days here. We’ve just got asked to tell what we’re working on. I […]

Aleix Pol | Wed, 2011/04/27 - 01:44

I’ve probably been talking lately too much about where I was going to spread my KDE love and talking too little about what I’ve been doing and what’s happening: Akademy-es: Yes! we’re having the Akademy-es in Barcelona this year and I know you won’t miss it. Yay! Awesome. Well it takes some preparation, so it … Continue reading So… what’s cooking? →

Andreas Pakulat | Fri, 2010/12/10 - 21:05

Today the repository for the Custom-BuildSystem plugin moved to So you’ll have to adjust your remote urls accordingly. The right url can be found easily on the new project page of the plugin. I’ll delete the gitorious project sometime next week so people are not getting confused too much.

Andreas Pakulat | Sat, 2010/12/04 - 09:38

Its been quite a while since I blogged, but this is really worth it. I was talked into doing a first release of a KDevelop 4 plugin I’ve worked for some time now (thanks Milian 😉 ). There’s been already a blog entry about it before that highlighted the features the plugin has and what […]

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau | Tue, 2010/10/26 - 14:27

KDevelop is out in version 4.1, and better than ever! Thank you, great hackers of KDevelop, I would need to learn Emacs/Vim without you! 🙂 Among all the great features there is now also what had been basically done at the Kate-KDevelop sprint in Berlin this February, when streets were covered with thick ice and … Continue reading KDevelop 4.1 arrived, features Okteta plugin

Andreas Pakulat | Fri, 2010/05/14 - 22:50

I’ve switched away from konqueror about half a year ago as the amount of sites that weren’t working quite properly became too many and too important (like our internal wiki and ticketing at work). Konqi was also getting kinda slow back then. I never had the time and energy to pursue any of the problems […]

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