Mailing Lists

There are two active mailing lists for KDevelop. On one hand, there is the User list, which is aimed at support and general discussion around KDevelop. Furthermore, there is the Development list. Here all important discussion around future development of KDevelop takes place. If you want to start contributing, you should at least follow the latter.

KDevelop User List
List Info, Archive
KDevelop Development List

The KDevelop Team

Active Core Developers

David Nolden
Definition-Use Chain, C++ Support, Code Navigation, Code Completion, Coding Assistance, Refactoring, ...
Aleix Pol Gonzalez
CMake Support, Run Support, Kross Support, Git Support, ...
Milian Wolff
Generic manager, Webdevelopment Plugins, Snippets, Bugfixing, Performance, ...
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