KDevelop 5.0.1 released

One month after the release of KDevelop 5.0.0, we are happy to release KDevelop 5.0.1 today, fixing a list of issues discovered with 5.0.0. The list of changes below is not exhaustive, but just mentions the most important improvements; for a detailed list, please see our git history.

An update to version 5.0.1 is highly recommended for everyone using 5.0.0.

Issues fixed in 5.0.1

  • Fix a deadlock in the background parser, which especially occured on projects containing both C++ and Python/JS/QML code and caused either parsing or the whole application to freeze randomly. [BR: 355100]
  • Do not display the "project is already open in a different session" dialog on starting up a session under some circumstances.
  • Fix a crash which sometimes happened when switching git branches on command line.
  • Fix a crash when starting debugger from command-line. [BR: 367837]
  • Mouseover highlight now uses the "Search highlight" color from the configuration dialog, instead of a hard-coded bright yellow. [BR: 368458]
  • Fix a crash in the PHP plugin when editing text in the line after a "TODO". [BR: 368257]
  • Fix working directory of Custom Makefile plugin [BR: 239004]
  • Fix a possible crash on triggering an assistant popup action [BR: 368270]
  • Fix a freeze under some circumstances when the welcome page is displayed. [BR: 368138]
  • Fix some translation issues.
  • Fix imports sometimes not being found in kdev-python without pressing F5 by hand [BR: 368556]

Issues fixed in the Linux AppImage

  • Ship the subversion plugin.
  • Fix QtHelp not working.
  • Ship various X11 libraries, which reportedly makes the binary run on relatively old systems now (SLES 11 and similar)
  • Disable the welcome page for now.


The source code for 5.0.1 is available here: http://download.kde.org/stable/kdevelop/5.0.1/src/
Source archives are signed with the GPG key of Sven Brauch, key fingerprint 4A62 9799 32BB BCE5 E395 6ACF 68CA 8E38 C4BB 3F4B.

The AppImage pre-built binaries for Linux can be downloaded from here: http://download.kde.org/stable/kdevelop/5.0.1/bin/linux/




In reply to by Chris Hills (not verified)

Hmm. I tried with chrome and chromium, works fine for me. Which URL did you request exactly?

Speaking of highlights and colors, I know it is possible to change the "Global colorization intensity" but what about the actual colors of cout, string etc?

I have to admit I tried to modify each and every color and checkbox for the color scheme of sources/c++, but I haven't found how to change this redish cout's or cin's color.


In reply to by Petros (not verified)

The colors for the semantic highlighting are currently not configurable, sorry. They can just be changed in their intensity and they adjust to the background brightness.

Hi, when'll KDevelop 5.0.1 be available in Ubuntu repositories? It has lots of features.
We want it without risking our system by installing it in a custom way. This corrupted a previous system.


In reply to by Sherif (not verified)

That is nothing we have any control over, sorry -- ask the Ubuntu packagers.

We offer a pre-built binary version of KDevelop for download now though, in form of the AppImage (see Download page). That is a self-contained binary and doesn't install anything, so I can promise it won't break your system. Try it out if you like.

How does KDevelop detect where a binary is located from a build step? I no longer get the option to Run As/Debug As on my project targets.

I try KDevelop every now an then as I feel it has a great potential which is just about to reveal itself... Well, I tried 5.0.1 after not using kdev for about 5 years and I still think it has a lot of potential. :)
Native CMake support - excellent, but why does not it recognize custom targets then, and attempts to run them as executable of same name? OK, I can fix it myself, I say executable : ctest, set working dir, and parameters and receive... /home/slava/ctest failed to run. OK, I try with complete path /usr/bin/ctest. "No tests were found!". No way, I can manually go to the build directory and execute ctest from there and see them running, but not via run->execute launch. OK, maybe I can just go the easy way and use run->all_tests. After asking bunch of times shall it close the ctest session or something like that the KDev just crashes.
On the bright side the clang engine for code analysis and completion is the best over all editors I tried (apart from not respecting set(CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD 14) in the project cmake). And snippets usability/config is just great, but somehow they do not work in AppImage version.
The project setting for tabs/spaces: guys, it is broken. doing via source formatter, or .kateconfig is a crutch. The qtcreator also based on kate editor engine does it very conveniently.


In reply to by Slava (not verified)

Re. ctest, can you report a bug on that? That sounds like something we should look into.

Snippets are missing in the AppImage, they are a kate plugin and we do not ship kate there right now. It's on the todo list.

QtCreator doesn't use katepart. What's so bad about .kateconfig ...? I see why a GUI dialog would be nice, but putting "replace-tabs on; indent-width 4" into a .kateconfig file really isn't a that big deal, is it?